Dear Partners and Colleagues,
By forwarding you this newsletter we would like to communicate that our company – Strategia & Sviluppo Consultants from the 1st of November has become the Business Development Consultant for the generation of new opportunities in Italy for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the “EBRD”,

Our role consists in the identification of Italian companies and businesses interested in the development of a relationship with the Bank, participation in the projects financed through the bank or support from the Bank to investment projects in the beneficiary countries. Please, find herewith, a brief description of the Bank and its activities.

About EBRD

The EBRD is an international financial institution owned by 65 countries and two intergovernmental institutions (The European Union and the European Investment Bank). The Bank maintains a close political dialogue with governments, authorities and representatives of civil society to promote its goals. The mission of the EBRD is to promote transition to modern and well-functioning markets in 36 countries from Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean – SEMED region (Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia).
The EBRD is the largest single investor in many of the countries where it operates. The Bank invests mainly in the private sector and co-finances projects with commercial banks. It also works with public-owned companies to support privatisation.

EBRD: Countries of operations

EBRD: Countries of operations

EBRD in figures

The Bank’s capital base is €30 billion and it has highest credit rating (AAA/Aaa) from all three main rating agencies (S&P, Moody’s and Fitch).
In all its operations, the EBRD follows the highest standards in corporate governance and sustainable development.
As a public institution, the EBRD is committed to a rigorous public information policy.
Since 1991, EBRD invested over €116 billion in around 4,723 projects across private and public sectors in its countries of operations
In 2016: €9.4 billion / 378 projects. Private sector accounted for 76% share. Debt 87%, Equity 9% and Guarantee 4%.

How to obtain EBRD financing

The EBRD uses a broad range of financing instruments, tailored to specific projects. The main instruments are loans, equity investments and guarantees. The EBRD can borrow on global capital markets.
Large private sector projects: private sector projects range from €5 million to €250 million; the average amount is €25 million.
Small projects: the EBRD supports financial intermediaries, such as local commercial banks, micro-business banks, equity funds and leasing facilities.
Trade finance: a range of products to facilitate intra-regional and international trade in its countries of operations.
Complementary schemes: the Small Business Support team works directly with individual enterprises, providing industry-specific advice.

Sectors supported by EBRD

Agribusiness, Financial Institutions, Manufacturing & Services, Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure, Natural Resources, Power and Energy, Property and Tourism, Equity Funds, Trade Facilitation Program, Information and Communication Technologies, Transport.

How to work with EBRD

EBRD is keen to support Italian companies:

  • Already present in its regions of operations and wishing to expand; or
  • Planning to establish a presence.

EBRD cannot finance operations in Italy but:

  • EBRD can lend directly to a subsidiary of an Italian company in the regions of operations (in local currency if needed);
  • EBRD can also lend to an Italian company in Italy (in foreign or local currency if needed) provided the funds end up in the regions of operations;
  • EBRD can invest equity in a subsidiary of an Italian company in the regions of operations;
  • EBRD can also invest equity together with an Italian company in a vehicle which sole purpose is to invest in the regions of operations; this vehicle can be registered in any appropriate jurisdiction.


Should you be interested in getting a more detailed information about the Bank, please, do not hesitate to contact us:
+39 02 9285 2292

Our experts will be glad to provide you with all the necessary information and to support you in creating new business opportunities with the EBRD!