In the light of MOU signed in May, 2016 between China Association of Circular Economy (CACE) and Strategia e Sviluppo Consultants (SSC), we initiated the first event on September 15th, 2016, in Milan (Italy), in collaboration with ASSOLOMBARDA (the most representative association in Italy with 5000 associate companies), Tonucci & Partners (legal studio), MANDARIN CAPITAL PARTNERS, INTESA SANPAOLO, China Chamber of Commerce and Vomm. The event “Cina: Prospettive ed Opportunità di sviluppo per le imprese che operano nella Green Economy” was a big success, more than we expected. More than 60 participants attended the event and have shown great interest in the circulating economy market in China.

During the event, the Secretary General of CACE delivered a most comprehensive introduction upon the status quo of China Circulating Economy Industry by video from Beijing, China.  The introduction focused on five aspects of China circulating economy: China industrial waste treatment, China renewable resources treatment, China household waste treatment, China medical waste treatment and China water treatment. He talked about the waste produced in data, the technology involved and in need, the government policy and the future in each field. The information he delivered was all first-hand, much appreciated by the attendant companies, making their presence worthy.

Our company, SSC, gave a deeper analysis upon the information given from China part, by revealing the opportunities for the Italian companies in each field and analyzing the entry risk for a foreign company to this enormous market. The opportunities seem obvious. But the risks are hidden behind the door. It could be entry model (Direct Export, M&A, WFOE, Joint-venture, Know-How Transfer, Project by Project Cooperation) risk, unfamiliar accounting&tax principle risk, financing risk, industry policy change risk, legal risk, etc. Our job is to help companies to enter Chinese market effectively, with the lowest risk. For the presentation, please refer to link.

Also, during the event, Tonucci & Partners China Desk Manager gave a full introduction upon the China entry legal risk analysis and control; MANDARIN CAPITAL PARTNERS and INTESA SANPAOLO gave introduction and analysis on financing, both from China and Italy side; VOMM, as a company who has entered into China circulating economy market years ago, shared its successful experience with the participants.

In all, we could see that the event was a big success, highly appreciated by our China partner CACE and the companies who have participated. We would like to thank all the partners who contributed their efforts and time to the success of this event.

Not only limited to Circulating Economy Industry, we will continue to bring more opportunities for Italian companies. Please keep an eye upon our blog.

For any company who attended the event or not, if you have great interest upon China market, not limited to circulating economy industry, please, feel free to Contact me, the China desk - Dan Li,