Late years, China market has become an increasing eye-catching topic for Europe, especially Italy. Dozens of events are being held every year associated with China industries opportunities (our company is expecting to have an Event related with China Circulating Economy Industry Opportunities in the coming September). For the companies who are planning to step, who have planned to step or who have already stepped into China Market, how to do a low-cost marketing in China is believed to be in their high concern. Well, as an expert in this aspect, we would like to give you some useful hints.


1.      Fan economy on social media.

Well, Fan Economy is created by Korea, late emerging and being popular around the world. It is a really smart way to change Fans enthusiasm into money. Famous blogger is a typical example. Take my friend, a famous traveling blogger as an example. Now she has around 100,000 fans on blog. A lot of tourist places would like to pay her for her one sentence compliment towards their places of interest on her blog. Well, my friend opened her blog in 2006. It took her 9 years to get 100,000 fans. If you want to do this, you need to have patience and every day input. To write 100 pieces of passages a day to enrich a blog definitely won't attract 100,000 fans. It takes time. Here I list some famous social media websites (Facebook is blocked in China):

A. word social media in China:



B. video social media in China:

     Youku: www.

. app social media in China:





2.      Online portal promotion-Alibaba, taobao, etc.

This is an increasing popular business mode these years, especially in China.  Last year, on 11.11.2015,which is shopping festival, only one day, the transaction turnover on Taobao reached to as high as 91.2billion RMB (around 12.27billion Euro @exchange rate 7.42). In 2014, it was 57billion RMB(around 7.67billion Euro@exchange rate 7.42). It is 160% increase. You could guess what it will be this year. You could imagine on Nov.11, 2015, how many people would surf on Taobao for online shopping. If you have an ads on Taobao( no matter on main page or not), how many people would see your ads and how many viewings would finally transfer to your turnover. It must NOT be a small number. Online portal promotion is more and more necessary in China.





3. Event marketing

Event marketing could be cheap, could be expensive, all depending on the witness of the marketing team. If smart enough, it could definitely be a low invest/ high return choice. Take Apple as an example. When Steve Jobs was alive, every year the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) would attract almost all of the medias’ attention. The newspapers,  news portals and even TV would like to publish any news related to WWDC. These reports on Apple side cost zero but value millions of dollars.

The upwards three are the priorities on the list of low-cost marketing ways in China. Of course, there are many other low cost marketing ways. If you could focus on this topic and keep digging, you will find the gold. Here are some suggestion for NOT TO DO in China market, if you are a SME or micro enterprise.

Better NOT:

1. Go for paid listing on certain search engine.

2. Go for golden time ads on TV.

Last but not the least, if you plan to promote your business in China and DON’T know how, please come to us. We will give you a customized solution not only feasible but COST-EFFECTIVE. You are more than welcome to send your enquiry to