On April 5th 2016, Mr. Fabrizio Zucca, the President of the Company, visited China Association of Circular Economy (CACE) in Beijing. He was highly welcomed by the management team of CACE. Both parties gladly exchanged the circular economy technology information of China and Italy, expecting to find a cooperation point between technology supply and need .


At the end of May, the Company officially signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CACE, which means a formal cooperation relationship is finally established after around two months bi-lateral communication. This is another successful cross-border handshaking for the Company. In the foreseeable future, more and more international in-depth cooperation is expected to come.

CACE was founded as a national, multi-industry organization with approval of China Ministry of Civil Affairs in August 2013. It is a non-profit organization with over 800 member companies in all around China, which is administrated by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and directed by the National Development and Reform Commission. CACE functions as a bridge to construct resource recycling systems that cover the entire society, to increase the efficiency of the utilization of resources, as well as to prevent and control environmental pollution sources by importing advanced technology worldwide.

China's resource use is inefficient. China requires 2.5 kilograms of materials to generate US$1 of gross domestic product (GDP) compared with 0.54 kilograms in OECD countries (in 2005 dollars, adjusted for purchasing power parity). And it is wasteful. In 2014, China generated 3.2 billion tonnes of industrial solid waste, only 2 billion tonnes of which was recovered by recycling, composting, incineration or reuse. By comparison, firms and households in the 28 countries of the European Union generated 2.5 billion tonnes of waste in 2012, of which 1 billion was recycled or used for energy. In 2025, China is expected to produce almost one-quarter of the world's municipal solid waste.

The general director of CACE told Mr. Fabrizio Zucca that China now highly needs to take reference of the Western World advanced experience and technology to deal with the increasing serious problems mentioned upward.

For Italian companies operating in the waste management industry, China will obviously offer a great market and enormous opportunities in the future. Our company is willing to be the bridge for you to China. An event to exchange the experience and mutual opportunities in the field of circular economy will be held in Milan in September by us, supported by Studio Tonucci, China Chamber of Commerce, CACE and Assolombarda.